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Legalization of documents (consular legalization) is a procedure for confirming the validity of the originals of official documents or attesting the authenticity of the signatures of officials authorized to certify signatures on documents, as well as the validity of the imprints of stamps and seals that affix this document. In this case, the consul is not responsible for the content of the document. Consular legalization of documents in Ukraine has certain nuances and some difficulties, because such a procedure provides for citizens to apply to several state bodies of Ukraine. This procedure for consular legalization of documents depends on which document and in which country it will be used. Thus, the legalized document will be valid (legal) only in the country for which consular legalization was carried out. The following documents are not subject to consular legalization:
- documents and acts that contradict the legislation of Ukraine or may in their content harm the interests of Ukraine, or contain information discrediting the honor and dignity of citizens;
- originals, copies and photocopies of passports, military cards, work books, documents of the nature of correspondence, permits to carry weapons, certificates of registration of vehicles (technical passports), driver's license, identity card, regulatory legal acts and explanations on their use ;
- documents issued by bodies and officials in excess of their powers. Consular fees are handled by consular legalization. The following documents are subject to consular legalization:
- originals of official documents of the new Ukrainian sample, issued by the state registration authorities of civil status acts, which are certified by the regional department of justice of the region where they were issued, by the justice department of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, by the city administration of justice of the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol, by the Central and Left-bank department of the registry office of Kiev ;
- the originals of international education documents are legalized accompanied by a letter of appeal from the higher educational institution that issued the documents, certified by the ministry that oversees the corresponding educational institution;
- documents certified or issued by notaries, after their registration at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (at the address: Kiev, Yevhen Sverstiuk st., 15, 1st floor, - Department of State Registration and Notaries). After legalization in the Consular Service Department, official documents must be certified by the diplomatic mission of the country where they will be used.
When submitting official documents for consular legalization:
- individuals submit an identity document and an application for consular legalization;
- legal entities submit a letter of appeal for consular legalization. If an application is submitted by a representative of an individual or legal entity, a power of attorney or other document confirming the authority to act on behalf of these persons is submitted.
What is apostilization of documents?
Apostille (apostille) is a standardized certificate or stamp that is placed on documents or drawn up as an attachment to a document. Documents that are certified in this way do not need additional legalization, and they must be recognized at any state level in the states that have acceded to the Convention abolishing the requirement for legalization of foreign official documents. That is, the documents of these countries should only be legalized. Legalization documents cancel the requirements for legalization of foreign official documents. The official documents subject to apostilization are:
1) documents coming from a body or an official operating in the jurisdiction of the state, including documents coming from the prosecutor's office, a court clerk or a bailiff;
2) administrative documents;
3) notarial deeds;
4) official inscriptions made on documents signed by persons in their private capacity, such as official inscriptions on the registration of a document or fact that took place on a specific date, and official and notarial certification of signatures.
The apostille is affixed on the statutes and ordered documents, patent and other documentation received from the government authority (registration certificates, licenses, etc.). Statutory documents, amendments and additions to them must bear the mark and seal of the registration chamber or tax authority, as well as the signature of an official of the registration chamber. Apostille applies only to countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention. If you have any questions about apostilization or legalization of documents, please call: +38 (095) 201 89 45.
Successfully legalized documents.
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Recovery of lost documents. Changes to documents.
Our law firm provides services for the restoration of documents and making all changes to them. With the help of our knowledge, skills and the ability to quickly navigate the situation, we will help you quickly restore any documents or make any changes to such documents. The restoration of documents can take place both on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of other states. We restore and amend the following documents:
- documents on ownership of movable property;
- documents for the ownership of real estate;
- birth certificates;
- marriage certificates;
- certificates of divorce;
- death certificates;
- restoration of educational documents;
- restoration of statutory documents;
- restoration of other documents.

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Consular legalization of documents
Legalization of educational documents (diploma)
Legalization of documents abroad
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Legalization of certificates
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