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Immigration law can be divided into emigration law (legal relations arising from the temporary departure of citizens from the territory of Ukraine, renunciation of citizenship, etc.) and immigration (obtaining a permit, work permit for foreigners in Ukraine, obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, etc.) ... Therefore, migration law applies not only to foreigners, but also to citizens of Ukraine. Legal company "Deluxe Legal Group" is the best lawyers in Poltava in the field of migration law. By entrusting us to accompany your case with regard to immigration law, you are guaranteed to receive quality services, fair price and understandable deadlines.
Consulting a lawyer on migration law.
In order to get advice on migration services, you need to make an appointment with our migration lawyers or come to our office at the address: Poltava, st. Sretenskaya, 19 A. When we meet, we carefully study your problem and set together with you the ultimate goal of the problem. For this, a migration lawyer clarifies all the necessary information, collects all the necessary documents and draws up an agreement with you. After that, you need to issue a power of attorney for our lawyer in migration affairs so that we can represent your interests before public authorities and individuals.
The client received Ukrainian citizenship.
The client received a residence permit in Ukraine.
Successfully legalized documents.
Why do you need legal advice from a lawyer in migration matters?
During a meeting with you and a consultation, including a study of your situation, and all the necessary documents that relate to the case, our migration attorneys and lawyers will help you find a way out of any difficult situation in order to protect your rights. During the consultations, you will be able to obtain information on how to obtain Ukrainian citizenship; how to get a residence permit in Ukraine; как получить разрешение на иммиграцию в Украину; how to get a certificate of no criminal record; how to obtain a work permit in Ukraine; how to get a taxpayer identification code in Ukraine; how to open a business in Ukraine and the like. In addition, the team of our migration attorneys and lawyers will help you legalize any documents, as well as apostilize them as soon as possible. If you have any questions about migration legislation or you need to legalize or claim any documents, please contact us by phone: +38 (095) 201 89 45. We guarantee that we will help you!

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Our immigration lawyer will help you with the following questions:
Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine
Change of grounds for stay in Ukraine
Obtaining a TIN for foreigners
Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine
Starting a business for foreigners
Production of visas of all categories
Registration of place of residence in Ukraine
Legalization, apostilization of documents

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